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ATA Martial Arts ATA Martial Arts - ATA Tigers

ATA Tigers

Ages: 4-6 Yrs

The best martial arts program for kids, ever.

• Allows children to feel engaged with our martial arts program by providing strong visual cues to help them align with their achievements and goals.

• Uses the cartoon tiger characters to provide a relational point students can identify, each character symbolizing a value that is a foundation of the martial arts.

ATA Tigers is an exclusive new platform for martial arts that kids truly love. Take the first step to giving this extraordinary gift to your child today!

ATA Martial Arts ATA Martial Arts - Martial Arts for Kids

Martial Arts for Kids

Ages: 7-12

Martial Arts for Kids is a specialized program created exclusively for children ages 7 through 12. The foundation of the martial arts ATA curriculum is the ongoing ATA review and development of life skills such as:

• Positive mental attitude  •  High goal-setting
• Perseverance  •  Self-control  •  Confidence

xtreme martial arts

Xtreme Martial Arts

Unlike any other martial arts program, XMA is a non-violent, no-contact format where students progress through a White – Black Belt curriculum. It’s never what you do, but how well you do it! Emphasis is placed on a Life Skill of the month, which dictates the theme every class in addition to the physical training.

Our ATA Creative and ATA Extreme program offers our Leadership students the chance not only to improve as martial artists but to express their creativity and individuality. In a program where we focus on technique and performance, a student begins to build his or her own performance that showcases his or her unique strengths and challenges to overcome. Focusing on the concept of setting goals and overcoming obstacles, this program lets a student create and break their own challenges for martial arts and in life.

XMA Class Components:  Warm-Ups, Basics (punches, blocks, kicks), Forms, Xtreme Kicking Combinations, Weapons, Plyometrics, Presentation and Performance, Conditioning and Cool Down.



Ages: 7-12

There are four goals in a sparring match: be safe, do your best, have fun, and, of course, win. Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone in your ring. If you plan to participate in other tournaments, you will likely see and compete against these people again. Many people usually have more fun sparring with people they know.

ATA's primary goal for its students in sparring matches is to be safe and have fun. While sparring is ideally noncontact, contact does frequently happen. It's up to you, as a competitor, to ask the judge to keep the contact down if you feel it's too much. Competitors must wear all appropriate and approved protective equipment.